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    Hello guys,

    Does anybody know a possibility to turn a component part under undersize? We have parts that are processed against the 3D Model. For example: after the 3D model a diameter is 100mm - but I have to overwind the component part until 99mm as the part need to be coated afterwards.
    As these component parts are really complex and before the construction we will only have one completed model, I am looking for an edit option without changing the solid.
    There are settings for the grinding process, so there should be options for the other way around (for undersize)?!

    Does anybody have experience with it?

    Greetings helmafat

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    why not changing the solid? Over the option form- others forms-offset form its possible to even changed a complex solid quickly. Even when the program is written already, you can easily add the new solid over the function ‘compare and replace’ without much trouble.

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    CAD-Form-surfaces/ Bool operations-associative deformation-change circular surface cylindrical –click surface-OK-enter diameter-ok

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    Try to use other way to solve your problem. waterjet

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