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    Feb 2012
    I have tried to extend the data base of the standard component parts in the equipment folder in TopSolid CAM without success. I copied a top file into that folder but I couldn’t call/see that file from the CAM...

    Can anybody help me out please!
    Kind regards

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    Hello perry

    The whole standard component part topic is very extensive. If you want to extend it a lot then I would recommend to you to participate in an extra course as the catalogues structures and the build-up play a vital role. Here you have to consider a few important points for later additions and/or amendments:
    Create an own library:
    ..add under component part/ user library “

    Add component part/assemblies to the library:
    1.create/open Design document
    2.define component part ... (add to the main group)
    3.“ assembly group/ define component environment/edit standard template /save“  save standard template

    4.define Dialogmask with the desired structures
    5.close document, done!


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