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IndustryArena Forum > Machine Controllers Software and Solutions > Fanuc > problem: Cutting radius compensation
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    Hello everybody

    I am newbie on a Fanuc controller Oi-Td and I already have a problem with the cutting radius compensation. I write in the first positioning block G42, afterwards I proceed with G1 and still G42 is suddenly deactivated in the next block.

    Has anybody had that problem before and can help me out?

    Thank you in advance

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    How do you know that G42 is not active?
    It should stay active until you deselect it with G40.
    The G42 is of course not visible for all new y x values.

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    I see the problem in the traverse path that follows without cutting radius calculation- so instead processing e.g. with 1.5mm in z is runs with 1.9mm so hence it ignores my 0,4 cutting radius compensation.
    I have found the error: I am only allowed to drive in the direction in which I approach the G42 command. That’s how it works at the moment....

    Thank you

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