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IndustryArena Forum > Machine Controllers Software and Solutions > Index and Traub > system variable : inquire if MS or OS is active
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    We are currently working on a cycle and encountered the following problems:

    We want to inquire in the cycle if the main spindle or the opposed spindle is chosen in the main program. That works with revolver 1:
    IF $P_CHBFR[1,Y1,MI] == 1 ; 1 is opposed spindle, -0 is main spindle

    However if the main spindle or the opposed spindle is activated in the main program of the revolver 2, then we get the following error message when jumping into the cycle:

    12050 Din address Y1 not projected

    I have the SYSTEM VARIABLES manual but I don’t have a clue what Frames and so on mean- so I don’t know what address I need in order to inquire independently from the revolver what SPINDLE is activated in the main program.

    Kind regards


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    I am posting an approach, if anybody has any reasonable objections, then please let me know

    Inquiry if the MS(L100) or OS(L130) is selected in the main program:

    IF $P_CHBFRMASK == 2 (2 stands for OS (L130)
    (1 stands for MS (L100)

    Kind regards


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