I have acquired a Traub TND350G s/n 333 - it was in a non working state when I got it and the previous owner had given up trying to fix it. The TX8F controller was not working - nothing on the screen - dead! It seems that more than one card (print?) in the controller is faulty - it is an FCA320HLX-V. (the 6 slot Meldas controller)

I have managed to source an FCA330HLX-V (the 10 slot) in an unknown state which I have got basically working in that it starts up and shows me sensible screens, although I have several faults to clear before I can get the control to go ready.

First issue was the MC724-1 display card - I found a good one, swapped the character eprom over with my original and now get sensible screens

Second issue is a fault Z58 BRAM error which I understand is the MC462 battery ram card faulty.I have sourced a replacement that is in transit from the US to me a I type - so hopefully that will cure the Z58 error

Third issue is I get an E50 file system error. Could this be the same issue as the Z58 BRAM error as the ram is faulty? Do I have to format the ram to create a file system? If so how? (I have had to do a ram clear using the switches on the MC161-1 card)

Incidentally I have swapped the eeprom on the MC161-1 with my original to try and keep any settings, and certainly that then gave me a C axis display that wasn't there before (this machine has the C axis option)

I really desperately need to get some more technically involved information on the TX8F - there must be some documentation available that is more than just a superficial user write up? Do you have anything I can copy?

Has anyone a copy of the TND350G documentation? I have a copy of the TNA 500/600 TX 8F 'Programming Instructions' which no doubt is similar and I have downloaded masses of Meldas documentation from meau.com but I need to find out where the TX 8F differs from the standard Meldas.

Any help would be very much appreciated

I should perhaps point out that (carazy I know) this is in my garage at home - I'm retired and this is a hobby!!!