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    I have a problem with the canned cycle ( complete processing) of the face operation on my Siemens 810T controller.
    The simulation shows it as it should look like but then in reality it always looks different.
    A small picture to demonstrate what I mean:


    At the right side of the sketch you see how it’s supposed to look like and how it does it in the simulation.
    In reality (left side) the controller always runs a slope with G1, n corrects it to right Z+ with G0 and continues processing.
    Now my question. WHY?

    In the subprogram I write e.g. with 3 mm facing:
    N0005 G0 x10 z-3
    N0010 G1 x-1
    N0015 G1 Z1
    N0020 M17

    Main program e.g.
    N0005 G0 x12 z3
    N0010 R20=progrNo
    R25=0,2 R
    R29= 42

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    First change your subprogram and get rid of the G commands.
    That’s only a contour description and the processing command get calculated and the feed are entered under R28 and R30.
    Where does your work piece start? At Z0 or Z+1?


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    Work piece at Z0
    Start at Z1

    Ah ok I did not know that I don’t need G commands in the subprogram...

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