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Thread: G40 and G43

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    G40 and G43

    I was wondering why it can not give me the dimensions for the tool even if I use G40 and G43 with the height and radius I mean why the tool can not be define automatically in the METACUT programe :idea: :bat:

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    Arrow G40 and G43

    I am not a user of METACUT, but ISO/EIA G-Code programming. G40 is a cancel for cutter compensation G41 Comp Left and G42 Comp Right. G43 is Height Plus Compensation Offset for the tool (Z axis) in Milling. What are you trying to do? Tool Dimensions?
    I'd like to try and help you, but do not understand what your asking. Can you be a little more specific?
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    Hi! I'am a newbie when it comes to cnc programming can you give me a good example of program using G40, G41, G42 and G43?


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