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    Hello people

    I’m a Delcam-newcomer and I dropped by here because I’d have a lot of questions soon.
    But I’m disappointed. There’s not much activity here in the Powershape-forum.
    Does anybody check it out regularly?

    Greetings to all who have interest.


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    Oct 2004

    You’re right.
    There’re not many things happening here. It’s similar situation in the Powermill-forum. But it’s not bad, it rather means a good quality.
    Maybe you should check out the forum for Delcam-users.

    Regards, Oldmartin

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    Thanks for the tip about the forum for Delcam-users. I’ll take a look at it.

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    Hello Power…-user!

    I’d love to have an active exchange of ideas.

    We could post units and then discuss how it should be efficiently milled with PM.

    It would be a good possibility to try oneself in other fields of tool and mould construction.

    Greetings Fertigungstechniker

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    Oct 2004
    Hello Fertigungstechniker

    It’s not really connected with Shape. Aside from the case when one wants to compare and analyze constructions.

    But a couple of work pieces for comparing programming with PM is an interesting idea.

    In case of real interest we can carry the idea a bit further.
    I have parts to wave aside


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