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    Hi all
    As part of my student assignment, I have to simulate a 5-axis milling machine in RealNC. I came across a problem: I can‘t create a chain magazine .... one need the following information:
    - Chain path
    - Chain origin
    - Chain axis

    I am assuming that I have to create frames for these points, unfortunately until now I never found out exactly how I need to do it, because with each attempt the program crashes and unfortunately there is no documentation on this topic.

    I'm thankful for every tip.

    Kind regards

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    In the installation of RealNC there is also an example included how a chain magazine should look like- This sample is usually here:
    C: WINDOWS Tecnomatix RealNC Examples Chain magazine machine layout

    Here's a guide:
    - Draw a closed contour of the chain (object DemoMachine.chain) - the sign direction creates the positive turning direction. The contour can include a bel. form (hence also concave areas) but must be closed and all points must lie on the plane. Imported curves (e.g. DXF) can be problematic, since the boundary conditions are often not met.

    - draw frame ONTO the contour (same level), indicating the tool changing position of the chain - no special frame class is necessary
    - Add two objects (shape & frame) of the machine cinematic and rename the object by object-label (properties).

    - in the Resource Manager: Create a new Magazine on the tool- page with the right mouse button
    * define a bel. name for the chain magazine - so the chain can be referenced in the tool-cycle
    * specify the object name (label) of the contour (chain)as the chain path
    * specify the object name (label) of the frame ( Chain anchor) as the Origin chain

    * define an axis name as a chain joint ( the creation of the axis in the cinematic editor is NOT required.)
    * enter the number of chain places into the „number of slots“. These are automatically distributed equidistant on the contour

    * enter a default name as a filter name - the # characters are replaced by the slot number

    - Create or customize tool-cycle (in the example Toolchange.prg). The main functions:
    * getSlotIDByTool ("test chain," strToolNr): thus, the tool name can be implemented into a slot ID " test Chain " needs to be replaced with the name of the chain from the magazine configuration in the Resource Manager
    * getCarrierTool ("test chain," strSlotID) : so the object can be referenced by a chain magazine location (for example necessary to put aside a tool in the chain)
    * move (AXIS, "Q", 180, 2.5): the chain magazine for example, can be positioned around 180 ° (ie half a chain rotation), the last parameter is the time required.

    Good luck
    Product Manager<br />Siemens PLM

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