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    Hello guys

    I am new here so I not very familiar with the forum yet.
    Is anybody familiar with the Dossan Pumac 2600 LM year of manufacture 2011?

    I am thinking about buying this machine and would like to hear your options about it.

    Thank you
    Kind regards

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    What exactly would you like to know?

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    Doosan Puma has 2100/2600/3100 series and they were developed to create a full lineup of high level 12" to 8" size with model variation. These variations include 2 Xis, Y Axis and sub spindle. They have high cutting performance, easy operation and wide variation.They provide best performance in general to large & long workpiece machining. There are also some other machines and also their performance depends on your needs.

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    Re: Doosan Puma 2800 LM

    Thanks so much, that is precisely what I was looking for!
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