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    I have the following problem: I have to change the cooling oil of all of my tool grinding centre
    I have talked to several oil suppliers and let them send me an offer.

    The offers cover oil of Hydro-Crack basis and PAO basis.

    The prices for Hydro Crack are around 2€ / litre and for PAO around 4,60€ / litre.
    Can anybody tell me what the price difference is justified.

    What are the advantages of PAO oil in contrast to Hydro Crack oil?

    Best regards

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    The topic is a bit out of date but I might be able to tell you something new.
    Let’s say it shortly:

    Hydro Crack is not supposed to be very suitable for series production ( I’ve never noticed that)

    It is okay for single parts and mini productions. PAO, the ‘super product’.... we have worked with it for nearly 10 years before we change to Hydro Crack.

    In my opinion like at the petrol station you can get two different types of Diesel- cheap and expensive - I never realise a difference – only on my bank account.


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    I am not so familiar with that looking forward to see what others would suggest.

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    I had almost the same problem with my metal processing business...
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