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Thread: materials

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    Good morning
    Is it possible to say that generally all materials that can be processed machined conventionally, can also be processed with the HSC technology?
    As my previous experienced was mainly with aluminium (which is quite undemanding), I find it a bit tricky to claim that this kind of application is commercially profitable for all materials.
    In this context, I have read that especially cast materials causes troubles.

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    I am leaning a bit outside the window now and claim that about 75% of all materials can be economically machined that way but there is a group of materials where this doesn’t applicable.

    I am talking about synthetic material and high-alloyed steel ....
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    75% of all materials can be economically machined that way.
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    Re: materials

    As long as the cutter is harder than the material, it can be machined.
    Really hard materials are harder to machine, if you will excuse the pun.
    I have machined ruby and basalt, both of which have Mohr hardnesses of 9. That is harder than most anything you will normally meet - and for that I had to use diamond tooling. Softer materials than that - fine (and HSS is softer).

    Economics don't really come into it. If you need to machine something like HSS, then use the appropriate equipment or do something else.


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