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    Nov 2009
    Hi, I am doing the Master of Precision mechanic Part 3+4.
    Now I have to do my training sample. I think about a theme for this. I would like to do something, that the examiners haven't seen before, because they told us, that the training sample will be not that good, if we try something 'normal' - like thread cutting (cause they have seen this for so many times). So I want to do something special, now.But I don't have any idea. Maybe someone has got a suggestion?

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    May 2008
    what about the approaching of reference points in another order with key figures.
    Greetings, Topas100

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    I did something simple.
    I described the changing at a lathe from soft jaws to base jaws.
    That was something, the examiners don't see everyday.

    I emphasised the saftey and than after he discussion I got an A.
    Greetings, Baconpep

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    I think you should give yourself an idea rather than wait for someone to give you an idea, wish you have your own ideas soon.

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