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    I need help on PC-based for servo control

    Hello All

    I live in Iran. My English language is sometimes full off faults, but I training.

    I am building a CNC Router with a Travel of 20"x17"x4" is a Popular Size 3 Axis (xyz) Machine. I using stepmotors driver and with l297 & mosfet driverboard The parallel port, (Thanks CNCzone).
    I use Windows 98 with Kcam4 Softwar.
    I want to build a servo driver. i have servo driverboard (attachmant protel schmatic ) I want to use 24V DC sevo dunkermotor and Sharp Encoder GPIR23R . http://www.dunkermotoren.de/default....&mid=12&lang=2 .please I need help on using the PIC control for this driver. I need a pic whit Source code.
    I want to use Windows xp with mach3 Softwar.
    Thanks for any help on this.
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    I havent reviewed your schematic, but you might want to check out microchip's appnotes on motor control, as well as the Open Source Motor Controller design (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/osmc/).

    I would suggest you dont try and do pid in your drive, but use a hardware controller like gecko G100 to 'close the loop'. The benefit of this is you dont have to get bogged down with the math of pid controllers. In effect your drive becomes a pwm + dir torque controller, and the G100 deals with the pid and computer interface.

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