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    Hurco vm1 fault

    Can anyone help me? My vm1 is throwing up various faults and now the control wont power up. The faults I am getting are firstly "spindle clamp input not detected" then loads of other faults come up.


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    Re: Hurco vm1 fault


    do you have stabile 24V on TB1-1? You can also check connector on DCIO backplane or IO boards...


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    Re: Hurco vm1 fault

    I use a VM1 myself for carbon cutting, from time to time I will get a spindle fault and\or a ATC fault. Today I had a z axis fault. I have had no problem clearing these faults.

    Depending on the fault I usually goto (Manual) then hit (Orient Spindle), at that point you should be able to press (Manual) then (Power On) then (Start Cycle) at that point then do your (Calibrate Machine) generally all problems go away after that. It is always possible you may need to do an (ATC Diagnostic).

    Sometimes you get this error because of a micro interruption in power just short enough the machine does not turn off but messes up the logic therefore it throws errors, I one time had to wiggle and tighten the cable connector to the spindle head.

    Sometimes its as simple as just powering down completely (not do not turn on for a minute or two) then re-powering, sometimes you just need to clear its head.

    I cut large amounts of graphite, the Hurco VM1 Graphite is not sealed very good for the ways so once a year I usually take all the covers off and give it a thorough cleaning the encoders can get quite dirty which can cause encoder errors.

    Before you go into the circut boards try the easy stuff first.

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