Hi all,I'm going to make this first post fairly short and easy. I have a few years of sinker EDM under my belt on a Mits EA-8 sinker and also a FA-10S WEDM. I recently started a new job and they have an old RoboForm 51 sinker and for the life of me I can't seem to get to where I need to be for things like tool changes, overburn comp, and random other issues. If any of you guys have experience with the 51 I could sure use some help figuring this thing out. I have gone through the manual and after reading through I have been able to pick up the part, write a basic program using the Proform software, and burn the part (after a few hand edits..more on that later). Now I have a test part burned and I want to try opening up the size and get familiar with dialing it in. Any and all help is appreciated, please feel free to either post or PM me with any info.

Thanks in advance!!!!