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    Bystronic Bystar 2512, 1800W: trouble-shooting a frequency converter board?

    I'm troubleshooting what appears to be a bad circuit board from the frequency converter of a Bystronic Bystar 2512, 1800W system. The system was cutting relatively well for several weeks since I've been working to improve it's performance (I was brought in to optimize the system performance with zero experience). Just after I started working on the system in July, it would shut down with the display showing a #39 error code: frequency converter malfunction. The laser technician would restart the system and it seemed to solve the problem. Jump ahead to last Thursday 9/4/2014, the error came up again, this time the machine would not restart; so it appears the part failed. a call to the manufacturer and the vendor this machine was purchased used from provided two quotes for a replacement frequency converter: $15000 and $6100, respectively. The former was a compatible current frequency converter that would also require a new vibration module, add $3500. The latter a replacement of the exact original part

    Based on trouble shooting, measuring voltages, etc., the trouble points to the circuit board at the heart of the frequency converter. So I finally come to my question: have any users out there in laser-cutter land messed with trouble shooting this board, repairing it, or is it in fact a throw-away and replace? Thinking optimistically, I have to believe there is a replacement board out there somewhere that costs less than the $6100 quoted by the reseller.

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    Losing air pressure on a bystronic 3015 3000 watt laser. I have checked for leaks and found none. What could the problem be?

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