Hi.. I got a Mori Seiki NT4200 with a Fanuc MSX-711 III upraded stearing. I use a Renishaw OMP60 to find my work piece origin, but can not get it to work in finding a sircular pocket origin.

My program is like this:

G65 P9018 D48. S59
Then it goes in 9060, 9052 and when it is inside 9051 I got a error NOT FOUND -I2- is the alarm on the machine.
And stops at this line in 9051 IF [ #7 EQ #0 ] THEN #3000 =150 (NOT FOUND -I2- )

I use Programs from Mori Seiki :

9018 Automatic Measure
9050 Calibration
9051 3 point center A04
9052 Sensor check A04
9053 Average & min, max & STDEVP A04
9058 Work offset Set A04
9060 Circle A04
9061 Point A04
9063 Width A04
9064 C axis point A04

IF [ #7 EQ #0 ] THEN #3000 =150 (NOT FOUND -I2- ) ; is the line that it stops after the measuring of the hole that is 48cm, and I am thinking that the machine is missing something to divide on two.