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    lag error on x-axis

    I was wondering if anyone has ever encountered a lag error before. I'm relatively new to waterjets and the college I teach at has a Flow waterjet controlled by a power automation (pa 8000) control tower. Everything worked fine on it one day and then the next day when we booted it up, we got a "CNC error 481-Lag error on stand still on x-axis". When ever we try to hit the reset button on the tower, the heads jumps around sporadically on the x axis. Called power automation and they tried to blame Panasonic and their drivers and Panasonic tried to blame Power automations PLC's. We can't seem to get any help from any of the companies. We had to gut the tower a little over a year ago and put in the power automation controller because the original controller dies on us.

    Any thoughts on this? We took the covers off the x-axis and made sure the screw and the ways were clean and lubed and tried running the machine without the belt on the motor to see what kind of a signal the motor was getting. The motor was causing the x to jump around when reset was hit. To me that says its something in the cabinet.


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    Re: lag error on x-axis

    Found out that I had to reset parameters on my motor drivers. After I did that and reloaded the CNC parameters, it was running like new.

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    Re: lag error on x-axis

    Hello, I have a similar issue. How did do that? thank you

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