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    Neuer Benutzer
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    Aug 2012

    Post programming help citizen L20E

    Does anyone have any idea how to make this part.

    Machine - Citizen L20E
    Material - Brass

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    Re: programming help citizen L20E

    Not sure of all the dimensions, but conceptually, this should work:

    I would start with the end with the through hole first.

    Running it the opposite way will not give you a very good grip on the part with the sub (not that this part is good to hold onto anyway!)

    First Live tool: Mill the 3/16" flat first, use a sizeable rough endmill with a decent corner radius - you'll need it later on.

    Second Live tool: Drill the Ø3/16" hole.

    Groove (turning) tool on the gang: plunge the area behind the head to give some clearance for the rough mill for the next cut.

    Back to the first live tool: Rough the round feature around the hole.

    Fourth Live tool: Small diameter endmill with corner radius (possibly a ball mill, hard to know without all the dimensions!) - finish the OD around the pad. This endmill will need to be small enough to get inside the corners at the circular feature at the 1.437" dim.

    Third Live tool: Corner rounder Finish the corner round on top and bottom on the pad around the through hole - not entirely certain, but it looks like the same radius is used for the entire part (hope so!)

    Re chuck Z1 to get as much stroke as possible for the next bits.

    Grab the finished pad with the subspindle.

    Calculate the largest diameters for the rest of the profile from the pad to the ring around the end of the taper.
    Rough turn this profile leaving about .010" stock.

    1st Live tool: rough and finish the flat parts, rough in the tapered walls and the circular feature.

    4th Live tool: finish the tapered portions of the flat, finish around the circular feature.

    3rd live tool: Corner round everything.

    Gang turning: Finish the ring and the taper

    Cutoff: Watch the redline - this is a long skinny part; the last .100" or so should be no more than about 1500 RPM and a slow feedrate just to give it a smooth break.

    edit - clarified some words

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    Re: programming help citizen L20E

    partially finished patr on l20, and have mills finish the rest.
    this is nothing but headache

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