I am attempting to install a VH65 4th axis on my '93 FADAL 3016. The VH65, and the 1010-4 card w/AB-NoLim EPROMS are not new. The AMC AMP-0015 card is new. I believe I have all the parameters correct i.e. x,y,z,a; ratio90:1; M60 A brake :yes. The J4 jumpers on the 1010-4 are correct (5-12,7-10). I adjusted the CUR & COMP of the AMP-0015 as described on the AMP card. BUT, when I attempt to adjust the SIG using the program to set the follow error I get "motor overload". The error occurs so fast that the follow error flashes on the screen so quickly I cannot read it. I video recorded the event and when paused, I can see the follow error as 56.8420-1003. I was advised that this is impossible and the only explanation is corrupt memory.
I cleared the memory per the manual. Now I get a follow error around 560 but it still only lasts a few seconds before the motor overload error when running the program. However when I restart the machine I can almost always jog the A axis to zero it for a Cold Start. I can typically use the JOG button the rotate the axis rather quickly. While it is rotating, the positional display moves smoothly with no unexplained leaps in position. Sometimes I get the overload error while jogging but not very often. Finally fed up I removed the motor and housing from the VH65. The motor spins easily by finger, the drive gear can be moved by hand but it is not simple. I have a small pliers that fit in the notches of the Higgens nut. With the 5" of leverage the gear turns very easily with only a few pounds of effort. So 10-20 in*lbs of torque easily turns the gear box. While I had the motor resting on the table I tried the program and I still get motor overload error. Any ideas on why I would be getting this error?