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IndustryArena Forum > Tools / Tooling Technology > Work Fixtures / Hold-Down Solutions > Vaccum pump - HVAC style (oil) or oil-free ?
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    Vaccum pump - HVAC style (oil) or oil-free ?

    Hello to all !

    I have a small MDF vacuum plenum of 14" x 21".

    Actually, I have a small GAST 1.1 CFM, 25" Hg but and with leaks here and there, I cant get more than 5-6" Hg of vaccum
    I try to fix my leakeage and can have around 10" for certain job but I think 1.1 CFM is too limit.

    So I start looking around for a new pump.

    I see many many HVAC Vaccum pump on sale on Kijiji (Craiglist equivalent...). 4-7 CFM range with good inch/Hg rating
    But all them run with oil.

    My budget is around 200$ and I have many questions ;-)

    1 - Do these kind of pump work well for CNC clamping application ?
    2 - Do I have to wonder about oil mist ?
    3 - Do I have to change oil on a regular basis (HVAC world say : change oil after each use....but that's for HVAC application) ?
    4 - Can I use my GAST pump in parrallel (with Y push-in connector) ?
    5 - Should I stay with a dry pump ?
    6 - The price range is fabulous ! Brand new pump on ebay for 150$ and used one at 200$ but with a brand-new cost of 800$ .... What about those "brand new for so little money" ?

    Thanks !

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    Re: Vaccum pump - HVAC style (oil) or oil-free ?

    Finally I bought 2 Thomas 2660CE32 pump from ebay seller.

    The spec are : 4.6 cfm, 27 in.Hg
    The second one will turn on for more porous material machining

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    Re: Vaccum pump - HVAC style (oil) or oil-free ?

    Hello, dude. To be honest I had also such kind of problem. I also thought about buying new one. But I decided to ask for my friend who knows how to work with HVAC. It took 20 minutes and costed not so much. He told me that his salary is high enough. I was surprised cause he told me that he never thought he will become an HVAC Technician until he hasn't found https://www.hvacschools411.com/
    He told me that he doesn't regret at all, cause he makes good money with this.

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