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    Lightbulb I made an application for Slic3R/mach3 users that may be handy

    I'm in the process of building a dual-extruder 3D printer using some Leadshine servo motors and a Kflop board. I'm playing with Slic3r to generate the Gcode but I noticed that when it posts out the filament drive it doesn't post a different axis letter based on what tool number it's using. Instead it posts everything as 'A' axis and uses a T-number. That doesn't work for mach3 or the Kmotion software out of the box. I know you can do some fancy post processor script stuff in slic3r but my head can only fit so much knowledge of programming languages and right now i'm focusing on C and C#. So i wrote a small windows application that scrolls though the Gcode as a .txt file and watches for T values and changes between 'A' and 'B' depending on the T value. It makes a new file and adds the term "modifed" to the end of the file name so it's easy to tell that it's not the original. I've (hopefully properly) attached some screen shots to show what it does. The Kmotion software also doesn't like the semi colon for comments so I have an option in my program to change semi-colons to comments in parentheses.

    Maybe i've created a solution to a non-existent problem, but maybe i've made something useful. I made the program in visual studio 2010 using the C# language. I'm not sure how compatible it will be with all computers but i'd be happy to give it to anyone who wants to try it. For those of you who may want to try it, i'm not sure how to distribute it. I may set up a souce forge account but i'm open to suggestion.

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    Re: I made an application for Slic3R/mach3 users that may be handy

    Hello Robosilo,

    I love the application!! I think that you just made something really useful. I've been struggling with those semi colon for a while now. Can I have a copy of the application? I'm trying to create a 3D printer, and I'm also using a KFlop board with a KStep. You would be helping me a lot of I could have a copy of it. Sorry for the bother.


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    Re: I made an application for Slic3R/mach3 users that may be handy

    I'd be happy to share the application with you. I got my printer running about a month ago and have been using the program for each print. I've run it on XP and win7 without issue. If you PM me you email address I can send you a ZIP compressed file including the source code if you'd like.

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