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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > CNC Swiss Screw Machines > looking a a swiss machine citizen l20 type VII
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    looking a a swiss machine citizen l20 type VII

    1995 Citizen Cincom L20 Type VII CNC Swiss Lathe 230v/3ph/60cy. with LNS Hydrobar Mini- Sprint Bar Feeder

    anything i should look at when i look at this machine
    any problems with them
    dose anyone know if you can do full milling with it or just indexing?
    sorry for so many questions this would be our first swiss machine we have mills and lathes and edm time to try a swiss lol
    the programming looks a lot different to the mills and lathes how did you learn how to setup and run your swiss?
    one last question dose anyone know what controller is on this machine funuc Mitsubishi or?
    thanks for any and all help
    ps sorry if posted is wrong thread

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    Re: looking a a swiss machine citizen l20 type VII

    one more question is 12000 a fair price on this machine ?

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    Re: looking a a swiss machine citizen l20 type VII

    I can only answer a couple questions, but Ill answer what I can.

    You can see if it has a full C axis if its under power. In MDI, just command M18C90.5 (or choose any number with a decimal. If its an indexer only it will only go to 1,5, or 15* increments depending on the indexer, no decimal will be accepted. )

    Old machines have lots of issues, but few present themselves before the moment of failure. Electrical problems are common in old machines, servo amps or drives going out, buttons on the control not working well, wiring problems... You could bring along an indicator and see if there's backlash in the ball screws.

    As for learning to program, Citizen offers classes for free at all their distributors a few times a year you can see the schedule here .
    Going to one of those is your best option. Up here in MN, 2 technical colleges teach Citizen programming in a class once a year. Existing programs are always an easy way to learn code sequencing, so request a couple dummy programs from the company. I believe the control is a mitsubishi, but Im not 100% sure. I have some training materials I could send you if you PM me too.
    CNC Product Manager / Training Consultant

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