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IndustryArena Forum > Hobby Projects > Parts for Radio Control Models > glider bigbrother dxf and gcods
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    glider bigbrother dxf and gcods

    Hear is a glider caled bigBrother in dxf and is set out on a
    1200 x 300 x 3mm Sheet of light ply, for the booms I used the top of fishing rods but 10mm carbon wood be beter,I made the fuz and wing first with all the raido moter and batrey installed and then fited the boom with the v taile to get the right center of ballence

    sorry for that i forgot to explode the dwg before exporting and pergeeing
    have a go at this there is sum gc for kcam with 0 offset with a 3mm router bit will cut on the line :stickpoke
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    Love It.
    You wouldnt have to have the nc Files would you. I for the life of me can not get the 1st file with the fuse to show up with lazycam under mach3
    Steve <------- Still a nubie

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    Nice, great plane for some laser cutting.

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