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    Purchase an Axyz machine

    I have just purchase a used Axyz automation machine. Located in Toronto Canada. Need help getting it set up. Any technicians out there that can advise on what I need. I also need a users manual etc....Specifically the machine did not come with a computer. So I m trying to understand if I need Toolpath and the RS485 adapter and drivers or are there other options. I am new to the machine so I need to know what I do not know.

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    Re: Purchase an Axyz machine

    My name is Jonathan I work for AXYZ in Cincinnati. If your table is an older AMC version you will need to have toolpath and an RS485 box to communicate with the table. The down fall with older AMC gen table is that the mother boards are no longer available. So plan on upgrading to an A2MC controller in the future if something goes wrong. we still offer support and parts for the table. you could also schedual for a technician to come out and do maintenance service on the table as well.
    Feel free to call. 1-800-527-9670

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    Re: Purchase an Axyz machine

    Is this a Millennium Machine? 1m X 1m or larger?
    I own a older millennium, might be able to help?

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    Re: Purchase an Axyz machine

    I think You need Toolpath 2.7 software for AMC 0004c and you better buy on the market a RS converter 485 any brand ( because the axyz is expensive ) and turn it in the RS connector 485 two wires, red and black to run on Windows XP Professional or Vista Starter ...
    I have the Toolpath software if u need send a copy

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