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    question about srp player by roland

    hello, im new to cnc machining...my work recently added a 3d milling machine(4 axis) roland mdx-40a ..its really a fun toy and i had no idea how useful it would be when we got it....before it arrived we already had a 3d printer so i didnt think i would need it that much but to be honest, i rarely ever use my 3d printer anymore...anyway to my question..

    because i have no experience in cnc , i decided on the roland because their srp player and v panel are supposed to be super easy to use when compared to other cam programs and it is....

    i already knew how to 3d model so that wasnt the problem.....after i create my model i just answer a few questions , like material type, size of material, finish desired and tool sizes i plan on using and the software creates a tool path and i can just start cutting.

    ok so that leads to my question,.,,,i fell in love with milling because of the machine at work and now im in the process of buying one myself...im going to buy or build a small 4 axis desktop router and im wondering if i can install and use the roland software on another machine?

    like i said, i have plenty of experience with 3d modeling but i know nothing about creating tool paths and such so i would just like to focus my time and energy on modeling and have my software be as easy as possible,.,,if i cannot use the roland program on another mill, is there another cam package that makes milling just as easy? just answer a couple questions and go??


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    Re: question about srp player by roland

    The SRP Player software only produces code for Roland machines, which use an odd blend of HPGL (plotter language) and G-code. Unless your new mill is configured to use that, it won't be much use to you. I'd suggest the Hobbyist version of DeskProto, which is much faster and more powerful than SRP player, and has "wizards" to make the process of configuring toolpaths fairly easy. You can download a working copy from the Deskproto site, and use it for a month for free (save this for when you've actually got your new machine up and running). You can then purchase it (from them or from us) and be assured it will work on your mill. It will write code for Roland machines as well as a large list of others.
    Andrew Werby

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