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    Syil 5 linear conversion.

    I have just received the DMM 4 drives and 400 watt motors I am going to use on the Syil 5 I purchased several years ago while in Mongolia. I am back in the US and want to convert it to AC servos. It is a small mill witha 12 X 6 X 11 " travel. It has Hiwin slides and ball screws on all axis. I have looked for some time at different options and played with Granite drives for a time but settled on new servos and drives.

    Shipping was prompt and I have been able to play with one of the drives and motors. The motors are suprisingly small but run very quite. For testing I am using 120v but will use 220v in the machine. The drives are capable of running larger motors but I think the 400w is enough.

    I'm still deciding on the spindlr drive. The original is the Samtung 1100 watt BLDC. The new 5's have aVFD. I did get a new Marathon Max Inverter 3phase motor that should arrive next week but I think it might be to large. Any way I will post as I get time.


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    Re: Syil 5 linear conversion.


    The Dmm is a good choice for your drive system, you may need a 750W motor for the Z axes, depending on how balanced it is

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    Re: Syil 5 linear conversion.

    That is one reason I went with the Dyn4 drive is so I can move up to a bigger z motor. I wanted to see what it does. It is balanced with a spring shock and is on linear guides.

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