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Thread: Bar Puller

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    Bar Puller

    Hi has anyone ever used this bar puller. I have been pricing bar pullers and this one seems to be a fair priced one.

    Dukester Compact Aluminum Bar Puller 3 4" Square Shank for CNC Lathe | eBay

    Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Bar Puller

    no it dont look like the ones i like to use

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    Re: Bar Puller

    I used to love it when shops used that style. Lots of service revenue from turret alignments. Never failed, loop counter was always wrong for that little shorter bar, and pulling the remnant out then trying to stuff the hanging remnant back in the collet nose.

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    Re: Bar Puller

    Hayes Bar Puller| A New Design

    Check this one out.I love these.feed on.open chuck,feed out.close chuck,rapid off bar...

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    Re: Bar Puller

    I like the Dunham pullers
    CNC Bar Puller - Dunham lathe bar pull
    Work well in my HiT18S and now in my (new to me) HiT15.
    Regards, Ray
    ​"There is no such thing as a gun free zone."
    Ray Brandes, Ray-Vin.Com, PCB, FL 32408 USA

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