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    Fanuc 16i and Toyoda

    Hey guys, been lurking here for awhile but his is my first post so bear with me. I'm working on a Toyoda FA630 with a Fanuc 16i-MA control. This control got a coolant bath a little while ago and we've been having some issues. When you turn the NC on, a message appears that says "turn the NC off, push "M" and "0", and power up, some functionality will be lost".
    Doing this on this machine basically disables the .usr file which is the C-language file. We lose the ability to do a few things, not least of which is "control on" the machine. The ladder/diagnostics/parameter screen is missing the I/O, EDIT, RUN/STOP buttons. The mode control buttons(mdi, memory, edit etc.) also lose their ability to latch when you push the button.
    Their is also a "settings" screen which normally allows you to turn on "Programmer Enable"(not PWE), and initialize the PC/MDI screens, but the control won't allow me to turn these on, when I try, it just scrolls down to the next selection.
    The number for the control is A20B-0236-B628, and neither Fanuc nor Toyoda seem to be able to help, since both say that the initial meesage is not theirs (it appears in red Japanese, with a rough english translation below it). If any of this sounds familiar to you guys, any help would be appreciated. Oh and by the way, I have replaced the motherboard, F-Rom chip and CPU card, and I have done a clean System Data and S-Ram install from a brother machine to this one. Thanks a lot.

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    Do you have the 16i manual 63005en.pdf (or paper copy)?
    It would seem you have problems with your boot system files. I know you said you replaced them, but check the section of the manual "boot system" and make sure.

    We have FA400's and HSP550's and I have reacently seen a strange situation where the pallet change servo drive went out that also took out the IO modules because it supplied the 24v power for them. Rather confusing to figure out.

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