i have CNC model VMC-966 it was reset because it was drown in flood. The characters was change to Chinese or Japanese (whatever). I have a friend with VMC-960 and i uploaded its data ALL1 ALL2 and ALL3 as written in MELDASMAGIC64 Programming manual. I try to download it my VMC-966 after i download the ALL1 the Characters back to ENGLISH. then followed by ALL2. This is my problem ALL2 can't download it say E51- FILE OPEN ERROR. I skip this file and try ALL3. ALL3 downloaded.

I test the machine but the HOME is not functioning. Maybe it has something connect to ALL2 that i can't donwload. I try to upload again the files from my friend machine VMC-960, maybe the file must be damage. I provide 4 copies for it so no error will occur. Then i try to download it again to my VMC-966 again the E51 - FILE OPEN ERROR appeared. Still my CNC's not working. Maybe it has something to do with this ALL2 file. Can anybody help me pls