Hi All,

These kits have been for sale for a while now, but not announced on the Zone:

Grizzly G0704 / Weiss WMD25 Belt Drive for Stock motor (14mm or 10mm shaft - please specify)

Available Direct (preferred) or via Ebay

This belt drive is designed to be simple & compact, while retaining the quill drive function. The gears on the G0704 are VERY prone to stripping, with replacements needing a lengthy wait. This belt drive will make your machine quieter. You can also use the existing motor cover. This kit has parts in common with the Brushless motor version I sell - so you can upgrade that motor at a later stage. You will need a new pulley & motor plate (available separately).

The pulleys are sized to give a 0.7 reduction on the standard motor - giving increased torque and limiting the max speed to about 4000rpm (based on 5600rpm stock motor speed).

New Quill & Spindle bearings are recommended for lower friction running:

Quill Drive: Replace with Nachi Shielded 6007ZZE & 6209ZZE.
R8/MT3 Spindle: Replace with 7007 & 7005 angular contact bearings (requires 2x 4mm spacers)
MT2 Spindle: Replace with 2x 7005 angular contact bearings (requires 2x 4mm bearing spacers)

The belt drive should be compatible with the following machines:

Grizzly G0704
Warco WM-16
SPG 2217-lll LV
King KC-20VS
Busy Bee CX600
Weiss WMD25
Weiss WMD20

May Also fit Optimum BF20 - check website or Ebay for dimension checks.

Price is $165 NZD, shipping $35 NZD. Currently works out to $150 USD total. Can be shipped internationally with 10-14 day wait. Email: mark(at)hmsnz.co.nz for more info.