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    Converting a Gerber200

    I have a Gerber 200 and was wondering how hard it would be to replace the old motors and control box. I don't have much experience with doing this type of work. And with replacing everything is there more that you would have to do to get the machine up and running again or is it now that simple to switch out electronics and be up and running again. Thanks Bob

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    Re: Converting a Gerber200

    On refits it's always time and money. Is it possible, yes (knowing no details of the system).

    The bigger questions are:

    Do I want an industrial grade controller (centroid/eding/Mach motion etc) or a hobby level (Mach 3 /4 is best known) or in between (Linux cnc).

    Do I want someone to do the work so its up and running fast or do I want to save money and learn and do.

    What is my budget and timeline (knowing both are optimistic estimates).

    If I were doing it I would decide on the control level first, then decide which option allowed me to learn enough to complete it in a reasonable amount of time. Cost would be a far second consideration as it would be determined by the level of controller somewhat.

    I'd also open up the controller, note all the current driver specs, stepper specs (models etc), power supply details and then get an idea of anything you might reuse (though it is often faster to start from scratch).

    Hope that's of some use.

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