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    It's All About The Skills and Capabilities

    I believe that women should be hired if they have the skills and capabilities to do any work, not because they're women and you have to fill a diversity quota of sorts. Same standard goes for men... just because you're a guy doesn't mean you have the skills and capabilities to do any work. Same standard for both.Technical jobs (or any other jobs) should look at the skills and capabilities.

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    Really felt good reading to your comment. Also you have made your point. One should look for skills and capabilities rather than judging from gender point of you.

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    Every person is blessed with skills; the fact is you have to find out your capability. You have to dig yourself to select the areas of interest on you. Each person may have different interests such as coding, communication, networks, writing, etc. if a person is week in coding, they might refer another source to fulfill their needs. In the same way, if a person is not good on essay writing, they reach online essay writing services. Ability to make an evaluation of something by assessing, analyzing, and examining the issue or topic is critical thinking.

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