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    Program Protected???


    I've got a Doosan VMC 4050 with a Fanuc 21i-MB, I've loaded old programs. But when I go to load a new program it's telling me that it is code (075 Protect) has anyone ever seen this and gotten around it?

    I need the fix quick.


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    Re: Program Protected???

    What is the program number you are trying to use ?? There are some program number set aside by fanuc for factory use like test programs and warm up programs . I think it is like 8000-9000 you can not use .

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    Re: Program Protected???

    Fanuc's Alarm Description: An attempt was made to register a program whose number was protected.

    as stated above it's likely in the range 8000-9999

    to fix it just change the program number of the program you are loading in.

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