Sticking this in the tips and tricks section. Edited highlights from a 1 hour 50 minute job making a sign from a 1400 mm wide piece of cedar. Vector engraving done at 50 mm/sec @ 40 watts Raster engraving done at 300 mm/sec @ 40 watts & 0.08 mm line spacing Both with 2.5" lens. Yes, there is wasted air time towards the bottom of the job, would have been better / faster to do those sections as separate sub-jobs and eliminate the air time, but I wasn't in a rush. That's also why I never go above 300 mm/sec, sure, 600 mm/sec is twice as fast, but twice the speed = 4x the acceleration and deceleration at the end of each stroke, and 2x the tube power, both of which age the machine much much faster than the way I do it. The tips and tricks, well, see how well it all fits in with the wood shape, grain, and the central knot area, it's not luck or chance, you measure the work and block out areas like the knot etc, so be sure that the design ALL goes exactly where you want it to, because jobs like this where the customer supplies the board and specifies what they want and how they want it laid out, you don't have a lot of wriggle room or options, you have to do it their way and make it work first time, so NEVER be backward in doing a quick measurement and representation of the work piece, and importing it into the software PRIOR to sending the job to the laser... Jobs like this you only get one chance to get it right, and if you leave it to chance, you'll get it wrong nine times out of ten. Make your own luck, import a representation of the work piece into the design BEFORE you send to the laser, and measure everything three times.. lol