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    Trying to swap slave axis

    I am trying to swap the A-Axis which is slaved to the X-Axis, changing it to B-Axis. I have transferred the settings from A-Axis to B-Axis , changed the A-Axis slaved to X-Axis to B-Axis and restarted the program....will not turn. I am doing this so I can have the A-Axis for the indexer so i can see the visual in Mach3.

    I have a pmdx-126 board without the smooth stepper. I have my additional Gecko hooked up to J6 on the pmdx-126 board, pin 1 for step and pin 14 for direction. Do I need to hook up anything to common on the G201X Gecko drive? Any help would be great I am lost.

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    Re: Trying to swap slave axis

    In Mach3's "general settings" did you uncheck "b-axis angular"?

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    Re: Trying to swap slave axis

    You can't use pins 1 and 14 from port 1 -- these are already used for the relays on the PMDX-126 board. You need to use pins 16 and 17, or else disable the relays (using the dip switches on the PMDX-126), but I'd personally want to keep these. The common terminal needs to be tied to PCGnd for a G201x.

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