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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Syil Products > Can't get nt30 tooling out of spindle. 5000 rpm x6 - drawbar
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    Unhappy Can't get nt30 tooling out of spindle. 5000 rpm x6 - drawbar

    The title pretty much say it all. I have nt30 er25 collet holder in a syil x6 with a drawbar. I have loosened the drawbar and given it as firm of a rap as I feel comfortable with. Any suggestions? I have never dealt with nt30 tooling and don't know anything about them so if you have a suggestion that even a newby should know, go ahead and suggest away.


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    Re: Can't get nt30 tooling out of spindle. 5000 rpm x6 - drawbar

    Hi, the NT20 taper is considered to be a "non stick" taper, unlike the Morse tapers that you really need to hammer out when they get stuck.

    To unstick the NT30 taper, loosen the draw bar at least two turns and give it a wack with a solid object like a copper hammer or other hard object.....not a soft mallet that absorbs the blow.

    It should only need a light tap to get it to move.

    If the tool has been in the spindle for a length of time it may have rusted, in which case you MUST get more positive and give it a harder wack to get it out and clean out the spindle taper.

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