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    CNC Drilling Options for Aluminum

    My company is looking at possibly using a CNC machine for drilling holes in an aluminum extrusion. There are multiple profiles available, but all have 0.07" wall thickness. All will use holes between 1/8" and 1/2" diameter. We know there are metal working machines out there in the $50K+ cost range, but we were wondering if there are lower cost options for just drilling? Looking for 1st hand reports of anyone using some of the cnc routers in the $15k range. Any victories or failures anyone care to share about? Specific machines tried and outcomes?

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    you can use machine copy and drill , this machine special for drill and copy hole on the profile aluminium
    My company supply this machine

    if you need can inbox me

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    I assume that you are aluminum door manufacturer, I might have exactly the machine you are looking for, it's also within your budget, if you are interested, please contact for more details:


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