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    Question GWeike 1612 Dual: How to make it faster?

    Hello all!

    In November 2014 I was in China for the purchase of a laser machine Gweike. The model was imported LC1612D with table 1,60m x 1,2m with 2 guns 80w of power.

    I bought the machine for cutting fabrics and leather, but wanted to have versatility to never have to deny a cutting service acrylic and MDF.

    I got a client that makes your leather cuts in other company. This client want to give me all their production. It turns out that now realized how slow my machine is! She sent me an art to cutting the leather that took 9min 17seg to cut. Very detailed. And the other company does in 24,720s !!! What is this? I am very inexperienced in the business and I'm improving slowly. My cut was at full speed, in my case using the 5.3 LASERCUT with speed 400 and I am extremely disappointed and disheartened by this.

    Is there any change that is possible to dramatically reduce this time? Controller of Exchange, stepper motors, servo motor, or installation of ball screw, another source, another program, etc, etc, etc? Any modification could reduce my cutting speed and reduce my time?

    Help me please!

    Thank you!
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    Re: GWeike 1612 Dual: How to make it faster?

    9 minutes at 400 mm/sec = 540 seconds at 400 mm/sec = 216 metres of cut. 216 metres of cut in 30 seconds.......only a BIG galvo laser will do that, nothing with flying optics will so either your customer is lying or mistaken, or a lot of the design is engraved and not cut, and they were using a galvo for the engrave and an flying optic for the cut...

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    Re: GWeike 1612 Dual: How to make it faster?

    I just know they use one italian machine, named Way 400 something like that
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