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Thread: Siemens 810d

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    Question Siemens 810d

    Hi,Purchased a CNC machine with a siemens 810d control.
    I am a Heidenhain user so am not farmiliar with Siemens but it came with this machine, is there anyone that can help me out please as i am having difficulty in running more than one programme at once.
    At the moment i am running single programmes from the installed flash card in the siemens 810d control but need to run more than a single programme.
    When i used Heidenhain i just created a programme say call it your name for instance johny in TNC and then inside that programme named the programmes to run ie call programme 1
    call programme 2 and so on
    So in TNC you would then call programme johny and it would run all the programmes named inside that.
    If anyone knows the procedure in Siemens 810d to do this it will be greatly appreciated.
    Also can someone tell me what to put in for Datum shift in Siemens 810d so i can put this inside the programme that i create to run more than a single programme at a time if i need to cut more than one job on the machine?
    Kind Regards

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    Re: Siemens 810d

    hello , I'm Renato
    It was purchased in my company a CNC hobbing with SIEMENS 810D system , and I do programming in CAMWorks 2014 ,
    but have no post processor for this system , someone could help me get this post processor

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    Re: Siemens 810d

    of course
    i have a post processor
    but you have to fix some parts of it to make ready for siemens 810
    that's what I'm doing everyday
    if you had any question you can text me in private
    this file is edited. if you want the original post processor , tell me

    Siemens840D RRR

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    Re: Siemens 810d

    Try this one , i think its beter to transfer your backup files with PCIN or another siemens transmitioning programs software .
    best regurds

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    Re: Siemens 810d

    use WINPCIN very good and work with 810D i tray it

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    Re: Siemens 810d

    You can use CNC Data Transfer, if you have Android phone or tablet. Search it on Google Play.

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