(Q) In our SteelTailor portable CNC cutting machine which we buy in 2010 when cutting the x axis is cutting 4 mm bigger. Y axis is coming correct.

(1) Check the motor pulse value SETUP[F4]-----SYSYTEM[F2]------
NUMERATOR X: 769 Y:769
(2) Go to “ LIBRARY “ select squireshape 500 * 500mm
(3) Set “KERF “ value as 00.00
(4) Fix a paper and a pen in placeof Test the machine and make the drawing on the chart paper
(5) Measure the dimensions checkthe on both axis.
(6) The practical way of setting is changing theNumerator value only,
For a 2 mm error changeNumerator value by 1 unit only for the axis which has error.
For example :
If after drawing you get Xaxis as 504 mm and y axis as 500mm
Set motor pulse as
NUMERATOR X: 767 Y:769
Check if the pulse iscorrect by making another drawing. Keep changing only the numerator values to get correct value.