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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking > General MetalWork Discussion > Best Method for Cutting 3/8 galvanized rod
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    Best Method for Cutting 3/8 galvanized rod

    Looking for the best method to cut 3/8inch 1018 galvanized rod into 17.67" and 14.5" pieces with a tolerance of +/- .03". No chamfer or burrs on the ends. We would need to cut 4,000 pieces of the shorter rod and 600 of the longer rod per week. I was thinking of using a metal cutting bandsaw with the rods bundled together, but I am not sure if it is possible to hold that tight of a tolerance. Looking for ideas for speed and accuracy. Thanks.

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    Re: Best Method for Cutting 3/8 galvanized rod


    there are a type of chopsaw..
    similar than used for trimwork..

    but this spin slow and of course mor e powerful.. I believe 7 can be cut at time..
    mightbe more, pending on the rod..

    of course need some type of jaw custom made..

    I think can be cut 1000 per shift at least.. with more clamped at time, more can be done...... and within tolerance..

    I post here a link, I cant tell this would be the best... it just illustrate how the machine looks..

    the length tolerance pending on the stop made.. make sure the worker can not bump out of position..
    stop need to be some how ""flip"" after positioning so material don't struck between stop and blade..

    Hyd-Mech P225 Cold Saw, Manual Coldsaw

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    Re: Best Method for Cutting 3/8 galvanized rod

    A good auto band saw could hold that tolerance no problem. We used to sell Daito band saws where I used to work, they would do it no problem, good quality saw, but around 20k back in the 90s.

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