Hi, I'm working on an Amada Coma Mechanical punch press running a 6m controller. We're having problems with the program stopping in mid run (on any part so it's not programing issues) It does this rather sporadically and when it does the machine has no alarms or external messages or any faults indicated on any of the boards. I know this could be a very broad problem and my explenation of the issues is vague, but I'm not sure what else to look at to narrow down the problem. If anyone has ideas for trouble shooting or has had similar issues help would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
P.S. The light indicating auto run goes out and the only two lights that remain on are nc ready and top dead center, it also appears to loose origin of the indexable station on the turret because that light is also out. The other origin lioghts are off, but these lights go out as soon as the axis and turret are moved from there home positions.