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    Etch tempered glass?

    Can tempered glass, such as from aquariums, be etched/engraved? I've always been advised not to cut it, but wondered if it's possible to use the laser engraver on it? My machine is supposed to be delivered tomorrow, and in preparation I've been gathering materials to use while practicing and setting up the machine and learning how to use it, and have access to about a dozen used aquariums varying from 10-gallon to 50-gallon in size. Most are not able to hold water, but have the remaining sides of unbroken tempered glass.

    Since there is a chance it can shatter, would putting masking tape on the reverse side affect the performance of the laser? I thought of covering the side of the glass that would be on the bottom/down-side, and engrave the top/upper-side...with the hope that the tape would keep glass from exploding into the sections of the engraver if it were to shatter...but I've never used a laser engraver/cutter before, and would not know if the tape would affect the laser. Would the laser still burn the tape, even if it is on the reverse side of the glass (I don't know how far below the focus point of the laser it is still capable of cutting/burning).

    Thank you for your time and assistance.

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    Re: Etch tempered glass?

    hold the laser in one place and hit the test button and it will certainly shatter glass... get your feeds above 300 mm/sec for raster engraving and you can throw 30 watts at it no problem

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