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    CS-D508 closed loop stepper drive current

    HI I have just setup an Emco lathe with an ELS with ball screws and closed loop steppers. For the X I have a CS-D805 driver and a nema 17 CS M2 1708 (leadshine) motor. I am new to leadshine closed loop steppers by my understanding is the current is set automatically? If this is the case it is not working correctly as the motor gets very hot (as in burning skin hot, I don't have a thermometer in my workshop but way too hot) Do I need to get the cable so I can change something in the driver setup?



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    Re: CS-D508 closed loop stepper drive current

    Hi Luke,
    Thank you for supporting Leadshine products.
    The motor CS-M21708 is rated 2.5A, you need a tuning cable to set a smaller current in CS-D508 to avoid motor too hot.
    Please try to contact your direct supplier for a tuning cable "CABLE-PC" to make some tuning work, thanks.

    Best regards.

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    Re: CS-D508 closed loop stepper drive current

    If the motor is getting THAT hot are you sure it's up to the job and not too small?
    Are you sure there is no tightness/binding anywhere.

    As with brushless RC stuff.- Motors get supplied the current the motors ask for. If you gear them up or make them too tight they ask for more then they get too hot.

    It's worth you having the cable by the sounds of it.
    DB9 (serial RS232) to RJ11 connections.
    I hear different vendors wire them with different wiring so make sure what you get matches the connection terminals shown in the driver manual.
    If you don't have manual then Google search:
    leadshineusa.com › Down › CS-D508_m3.1.pdf.
    It's top result.

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