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    I think some people do that. You probably want to check and compare the discs stated rpm to what the mitre saw will run it at.....

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    If you are using a miter saw do you have a way to clamp the stock down? I use a sliding compound miter saw for cutting aluminum and it works great but I would feel a lot better having a postive clamping mechanism.

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    I had a chop saw, makes a lot of dust and those bladesd go really quick, changed to a bandsaw best buy ever except if you break your last blade, good luck on finding a blade on a saturday :P

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    Go to the Hobart Weld Talk forum and do a search. They had a link to by one of the carbide metal cutting blades for around $40. I think it is Bullet Industries that is selling the blade.

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    While looking for metal abrasives, I found essential grinding discs. Check out photo

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    That thing looks right in my price range, along with looking like it does exactly what I am after.

    I am curious though, can I get it with the Aluminum blade or am I stuck with the steel blade and gotta buy the Aluminum one seperately?

    Later EddieO

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    Re: Metal Cutting Chop Saw vs Abrasive Chop Saw

    Well , I can share my hubby's experience here. His first saw was a Dewalt chop saw . It functioned admirably enough but the accuracy of the cut and sparks was not so cool to him ever. He had a cutting blade expode one time and he chose to change it with a Makita LC1230 saw .

    He could never backpedal to a abrasive saw again . The cold saws are more costly yet he have observed it to be significantly more accurate, clean and secured...

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    Metal cutting chop saw is better than abrasive. ! Thanks for sharing your points here.
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