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    MACH 2 configuration for Xylotex Board

    I have downloaded the MACH 2 S/W I am now trying to have it work with my xylotex (XS-3525/8S-3) Stepper Motor Driver Board.

    According to xylotex all I need to tell the software is the information below. I did read you PDF help document but as a beginner all of this is very new to me.

    The 26 pin header is configured to allow easy connection via
    ribbon cable to an IDC DB-25 connector. This facilitates direct
    connection to standard PC parallel ports.
    The drive uses the following signals:
    DB25 pin IDC26 Usage
    ------------ --------- -------
    Pin 2 3 Step X
    Pin 3 5 Dir X
    Pin 4 7 Step Y
    Pin 5 9 Dir Y
    Pin 6 11 Step Z
    Pin 7 13 Dir Z
    The remaining signals are fed to other headers to allow offboard
    devices to use the other parallel port signals.
    Also provided are HOME(HPO#) outputs, ENABLE(ENA#),
    and SLEEP# inputs for each axis.

    If anyone can provide further instructions or a Mach 2 profile I could use it would be greatly appreciated.



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    ngr1- Norman;
    I don't have xylotec drivers - BUT if you check the Toolbar in MACH2 - pull down , go to and map (label the pins you're using/need to use) for MACH2 to the config your board has. Double check the config and always hit the button! You'll have to sort out the requirements with a xylotec user.
    I struggled a bit - but that seems like thats what your asking for. Else email ART directly -- his turn around is quick and encouraging. I hate to say it but the very thorough 250 page manual IS worth printing out - do it doublesided though. Good Luck!
    :cheers: Jim
    Experience is the BEST Teacher. Is that why it usually arrives in a shower of sparks, flash of light, loud bang, a cloud of smoke, AND -- a BILL to pay? You usually get it -- just after you need it.

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    HI guys I am a total newbie and lost . I have a sheeline 5410 with Xylotex 3 axi driver and powerex 2 motor with 116 oz torque/
    The setup seems to work out preety well . X Y Z all goes in to right direction
    but. the problem is
    when my mill move 230mm the DRO in the screen show 237.568 mm which is not right . I played around with the motor tuning but could not do a thing

    so please help me out :tired: :drowning:

    ANy help will be greatly appriciated.
    thanks again
    note:: and sorry if I am not suppose to post here. I dont know how to start a new thread// ..

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    It sounds to me that you have your pulses per unit set wrong. Since you did not say I am assuming you ae speaking of mach2??? You will need to get your ppu set so that when you command a 1" or MM move the machine actually moves that much measured best by a dial indicator. You will also want to do a "stress" test with several moves that are supposed to end up back where you started to see if you are losing or gaining any pulses. Once that is doen your dro's will read correctly.
    No greater love can a man have than this, that he give his life for a friend.

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    thanks mike that is a great explaination. I am going by the manual now. need some information from sherline about the thead mesurement. so thanks
    i will be in touch/
    Note. I bought the controller board from a guy. who said it will take 32000 step for one inch . which comes out to be 1280 per MM> appearently that was not the right information
    thanks again

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    Aug 2004
    I think I did the right math now. my pitch of the screw is 1mm. so rev of motor = 1mm and 1600 step of XOlox board is one rev of motor .
    things are working out preety well . thanks guys
    really appriciate it


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