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    C-tek km-150 232 connection


    I'm new to this forum

    I have 2 C-tek (taiwan) KM-150 with cnt380.8 software in the controller.

    I can't figure how to transfer nc prog. with the rs-232 port.

    Is there a c-Tek user here with a 232 setup who can share is setup?

    I have the same controller software on my desktop PC and I'm able to transfer prog. from another pc connected via serial port with a null modem cable but when I use the same setup on my cnc it don't work!

    All my config (baud rate ect) are ok!

    Thank you

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    Re: C-tek km-150 232 connection

    Hi everyone!

    For other C-Tek users:

    I Found The problem! on my c-tek. the cable from the controller pc to the outside of the machine is already a null modem cable! (I think). To make it work I pluggued a nullmodem cable directly fro the controller pc to my laptop. Thatr why I assume the cable from the controller PC to the outside of the machine is a nullmodem! I don't have a "straight" cable to test it right now!

    Anyway have a nice day!

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