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IndustryArena Forum > Laser Engraving and Cutting Machines > Laser Hardware > Laser Optics > "Parker Daedal" mirror - replacement advice?
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    "Parker Daedal" mirror - replacement advice?

    I've got a couple of these on a table with a 100W C02 tube, one has deteriorated significantly ..

    Other than it saying Parker Automation Daedal Division on it I don't see any kind of identifier.

    This is used in the beam directional path.

    Could I get a 25mm mirror such as the one below and mount it in place of the peeled one? .. or even directly on top of it?

    25 mm Molybdenum (MO) Reflection Mirror

    Attachment 287184

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    Re: "Parker Daedal" mirror - replacement advice?

    After looking at this mirror in different lighting, it appears that this peeling area is some kind of coating that maybe should have been taken off?

    The perimeter border area has always been the different color, giving the impression that a mirror was embedded in the surface. However looking closer at the areas where it peeled, it's revealing a constant surface below that is consistent with the edges.

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